Process Mining

Your Ai infused operational excellence in 3 steps​


Ai infused Process Mining

​ML Ops​

Ai is the imperative next step in the continuous race for competitive operational excellence. We have clustered our cases and experiences applying “ML Ops” in the smart and fast processing of care claims and the optimized customer experience of ai infused customer support to a quick start playbook. There are numerous scenarios that perfectly fit the application of Machine learning. We help you to go fast.​


In 2 workshops we will discover and explore your organization. What is the current state of processes that you thought were optimized to the max? And how does this impact your customer experience? This is where business and IT align, and change starts.


We need to take a deep dive; processes, solutions, code, infrastructure, implementation, usage and improvements. We need to assess your foundation. How fast will you be able to accelerate? It’s the starting point for the creative part.​

Clarify & Proof​

We will bring new “epics” to the table. The user stories that we can work with. We will clarify your winning scenario’s and the steps you need to take to get there. To make it tangible for business and IT we will do a workshop where you will experience the ease of use of Data & toolsets.​


  • You will get insights on how Ai will help your organization to accelerate​
  • You will see where business and IT can use technology to enable change​
  • You will find scenario’s that will convert operational excellence to customer experience​
  • You will experience the ease of use of the technology​
    Our Innovate Friday offer: €12.000 ​

    Get your results in 3 steps:

    • Identify & select your processes
    • Determine your capability in the ai journey
    • Clarify the ease of use of Data & Toolsets
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    Ai infused Process Mining

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