Microsoft Teams for Education

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Schools benefit from integration with their familiar Office apps and services because Teams is built on Office 365. Teams delivers enterprise-grade security and compliance, and is extensible and customizable to fit the needs of every school.

What is the Microsoft Teams announcement about?

In March Microsoft released Microsoft Teams to all Office 365 for Education customers. On May 2nd, Microsoft announced new experiences coming to Teams designed for teachers, students, and staff:

* Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education fosters collaboration and encourages creativity – helping students learn best when they work together.
* Microsoft Teams will have classroom experiences built-in coming this summer.
* Microsoft teams is available in Dutch.

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education is designed for the way teachers, students, and staff collaborate in and outside the classroom. This summer, education customers will be able to create three new types of teams* built for their unique collaboration and communication needs:

* Class for teachers and students to work together in a connected and collaborative classroom experience, with enhanced moderation controls for conversations
* PLC (Professional Learning Communities)for teachers to regularly communicate with their peers and share best practices to improve teaching skills
* Staff for teachers and staff to collaborate on school wide initiatives and professional development programs
Get started met Microsoft Teams: