Process Automation (RPA) in a Day

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a Day

Take repetitive and time-consuming tasks out of the hands of your team by means of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With our RPA in a Day Workshop, anyone can learn in a single day how to automate processes via Microsoft Power Platform (no/low code).

Robotic Process Automation


Many tasks that your team are now still carrying out manually are unpleasant and time-consuming. If you automate these activities, much more time will be left for tasks that truly add value. But then you do need to know how you automate such processes. The RPA in a Day Workshop will help you learn everything about process automation and how you can best implement it using Power Automate in Power Platform. 

Learning Objectives

In the RPA in a Day Workshop, you will learn step by step how you process incoming invoices via a modern end-to-end solution with the aid of RPA. The workshop will introduce you to Power Automate functionalities that facilitate this, such as User Interface (UI) flows and APIs. In addition, you will benefit from the models for processing forms, created with AI Builder. 


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The workshop is structured as follows: 

 Lab 1: The basis of UI flows 

  • Create your first UI flow
  • Use input and output parameters
  • Use UI flows in Power Automate via connectors (cloud) and gateways (on premises)

Lab 2: Hyper Automation Integration 

  • Connect with Outlook (integrate with the Outlook connector)
  • Integrate with AI Builder (simple use of AI for invoice processing)
  • Integrate with Teams (use the Teams connector and Adaptive Cards)

Lab 3: Use of WinAutomation in Power Automate 

  • Use Win Automation in Power Automate (automation via desktop and the web) 

Lab 4: Advanced topics (time permitting) 

  • Create web-based UI flows with the aid of Selenium IDE
  • Learn about Unattended UI flows, which are run through continuously

Take aways 

At the end of the RPA in a Day Workshop, you can set your work with RPA and the creation of UI flows by means of Power Automate. 

Workshop details 

Duration: 09:00 – 17:00  
Location: Online 
Target audience: IT Developers, Business Developers (experience with Microsoft Power Platform is an advantage) 
Cost: This workshop is offered to you by Macaw  

In advance we will send a confirmation e-mail to all registrations. We only have a certain number of visual seats available.

Got any questions? Please reach out, we are happy help!
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