Meetup: Driving responsible change in the AI Era

AI Meetup: Driving responsible change in the Artificial Intelligence Era

During the January meetup at Macaw our experts will share a non-technical view on applied AI with you. Read more about the event and save the date!

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AI Meetup | 30 January, 2020

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence will have (or rather, already has) a huge impact on virtually all aspects of life and business. It’s up to us, the ai community, to ensure this impact remains on the positive. Responsible application of AI requires that we seriously consider this, look past technology and embrace not only data science, but social, behavioral and managerial sciences too.

In this edition of Meetups @ Macaw we want to discuss the non-technical side of artificial intelligence, its impact on humanity, and the role the AI industry must play to ensure that AI is applied responsibly. We will touch upon the critical trends that are affecting humanity; how the AI industry can respond by coming up with innovative concepts and solutions; and examples of effective strategies to drive change and adoption.

We will share our vision, but most importantly: we look forward to discussing these important topics with the community! Join the discussion on January 30th and register now!

Event Info

Date Thursday 30 January 2020
Time 18:30 – 21:00 (welcome, bites and drinks from 17:30)
Location Macaw HQ, read more about parking and address
Tickets This is a free community event, register via the button


17:30 – 18:30 Header: homepage, with drinks & bites
18:30 – 21:00 Sessions
21:00 – Drinks and networking


Zeitgeist: The ice-cold truth concerning trends

Eelco van Collenburg | Strategist and Creative Director at Macaw

Transforming your business and keeping up with the ever-changing digital market can be a challenge. We tend to jump into the arms of upcoming trends in search of relevance, guidance or even salvation. However, often these do not deliver the promised or expected impact that enchanted us with in the first place… So, should we even look at these trends when defining business strategy or tactics? Or should we look at other ways to remain positive, relevant and fresh?


Humanity Centered Design: “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.”

Thomas Voorham | UX lead at Macaw and always taking the user’s perspective

We know that data science and machine learning can help us design relevant products, services and systems that enhance people’s everyday lives. But to have a truly positive impact, AI-driven technologies must be based on people’s needs and created likewise. But what are the methods available to us to ensure that AI is based on a Humanity Centered approach?

The Creative Concept: Connecting the dots

Eelco van Collenburg | Strategist and Creative Director at Macaw

When good data, solid insights, User and Business needs are all forged together, it creates the perfect starting point for a memorable and relevant experiences. But how do you create something that won’t blend into the ‘Digital Sameness’ that our industry suffers from so dearly? Some pointers, examples and cases show us how we can escape this common-day trap and create products, services and experiences that have a positive impact, truly matter and stick.

Driving change: Adoption not guaranteed!

Amancio Quant | Change and adoption consultant at Macaw
Bouke Jan Otter |  Senior Data & AI consultant at Macaw

Are you aware of the impact of the change and the relevance of adoption for artificial intelligence?  Everyone knows that AI is hot and happening, but is your organization able to leverage it’s great value? The tools, knowledge and algorithms are widely available but often organizations lack the power of really implementing AI into their core processes. We’ll share our approach on how to run AI-projects and more importantly: how to get the value for business, people and humanity!

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We look forward to meeting you at the Meetup!

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